Rooh Dream Catcher ~ White Key Chain ~ Handmade Key Chain Used as Purse or Bag Hanging, Cupboard Keychain, Car, House Keys, Goodluck Charm! … (White) Price: $8.99 (as of 02/11/2019 09:57 PST- Details)

Brand Introduction

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Brand Introduction

“Rooh†is a Sanskrit word for ‘Soulâ€, we at Rooh be sure that every thing we do strikes a cord at the highest level of human wellbeing ‘THE SOULâ€. Our brand is a reflection of our work and our work is reflection our brand ‘The dreams we dream are nothing but whispers from our soulâ€

Why get a Rooh Dream Catcher?

Dream Catchers the popular Native American (Ojibwa tribe) charms are hand woven with the intention of nurturing your loved ones & bridging art with divinity. These beautiful looking at Rooh Dream Catchers are intended to give protection to the sleeping individual by filtering the negative vibrations and bad dreams to postives ones. At Rooh we stick to the learning from Ojibwa people who use to make hand woven dream catchers with all materials available in the nature such as twigs, sinew, shells, stones and feathers to teach natural wisdom to their young ones. At Rooh we have taken the learning a step forward and added our knowledge of ‘COLOR PSYCHOLOGY†and have an effect on it can create to ones life. The Color chosen by you is the color that brings optimism to your life, so buy the one that touches your ‘SOULâ€.

Thus Rooh Dream Catcher has DUAL BENEFITS unlike any other brand
1. It works at night as a traditional dream catcher by passing out positive dreams from the web
2. In the day the vibrant colors of our products, work subconsciously on you and acts a driving force to succeed in your dreams and cherish the memories of your loved ones.
At Rooh each Dream Catcher is handwoven with the intention of creating love and positivity. This attractive-looking dream catcher is intended to give protection to the sleeping individual from negative dreams, even as letting only positive dreams pass through. We have carefully merged art with benefits of colour psychology a good way to ensure happiness and optimism.
Each & Every Rooh Dream Catcher are 100% handcrafted by women artisans in India. They are handmade in ethical conditions, with FREE range feathers ONLY thus being in harmony with nature!
With every Rooh product you purchase, you are HELPING create employment for WOMEN and Giving a chance to make more #happydreamers on the earth. Rooh also ensures portion of the profits from each product goes to NGOs that shape the lives of people. We strongly imagine “A Dream you dream alone is just a dream but a dream you dream together is Reality”
QUALITY – If you aren’t completely satisfied with this product for any reason, contact us for FULL REFUND at any time. Alternatively pls do leave a good FEEDBACK if you like our offering & help us with our cause!
The dimensions of this dream catcher are 5×0.5x17Cm