Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf with Floral Watercolour Design for Baby Girls, Infant Car Seat Cover, Grocery – Shopping Cart Cover, 5 in 1 Multi Use Stretchy Canopy by Gufix Price:  $9.95 (as of 24/05/2019 15:56 PST- Details)

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To all the moms out there: we understand the struggles and multitasking involved in caring for your little ones. That’s why we have created one of the effective yet simple floral nursing cover for all of the super moms out there. Our canopy car seat cover design is without doubt one of the most versatile baby care tools you’ll be able to own.

CAR SEAR COVER: The high-quality material allows you to cover almost any infant car seat. Once covered, your baby is protected from germs, the elements, and strangers! Your newborn will also be able to sleep longer At the same time as being shielded from the bright lights At the same time as you carry on with your daily routine. Naptime has never been so sweet!

NURSING/ BREASTFEEDING COVER: We reinforce nursing mothers and that is why we have designed our cover to work wonderfully for seasoned and new breastfeeding mothers alike. Moms can wear it with both arms inside the cover or leave one arm out to allow you to do other things At the same time as nursing.

SHOPPING CART COVER: There is a reason grocery stores put sanitizing wipes by the shopping carts. Well, now you’ll be able to add another layer of protection for your little one At the same time as you and your baby make your way through the neighborhood market. The fabric will stretch around most shopping carts allowing your baby to sit down comfortably inside without being able to use the shopping cart handle as a teething ring!

Furthermore, you’ll be able to also use the cover as an Infinity scarf, Light Blanket, Changing Pad Tummy-time Play Mat, and so much more!

Offering such a wide variety of use, our nursing covers are the best for your baby.

Order NOW and receive 100% RISK FREE No-Questions Asked Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee for your new Car Seat Cover Baby Canopy!
Protect Your Baby on The Go: The modern, stylish floral pattern fabric offers your baby protection from wind, dust, rain, snow, bright light, germs and even unwanted onlookers. It is quick and easy to put on but snug enough that your baby can’t kick it off At the same time as nursing.
Premium Quality Material: Cut from a premium brushed micro jersey material, this is the softest cover in the world and offers the ultimate comfort and luxury. It is stretchy and soft but also resistant, compact, lightweight and reliable. Intended for year-round use, special blend fabric is breathable for summer, yet capable of cutting down on the wind all the way through cooler winter months.
Versatile, Multi-Use Cover: Can be used as a car seat canopy, nursing cover, stroller cover, shopping cart or highchair cover, infinity scarf or light blanket. It provides true 360° coverage for worry-free nursing wherever you are. At the same time as you are shopping, this cover protects your little one from germ infested shopping carts, providing a great alternative to using antibacterial wipes every time you go to the store.
Convenient, One Size Fits Almost All Models: The 4-Way Stretch provides a custom fit on almost all models of car seats, shopping carts, and highchairs. The cover is compact when folded, so it conveniently takes up little storage space in your diaper bag or purse.
100% Lifetime Guarantee: If you don’t seem to be 100% satisfied with our product and if it does not exceed your expectations, we can replace it or refund your money with no questions asked! Why? Because customer satisfaction is our main goal and we want to ensure both you and your baby are at all times happy when using our Multi-Use Cover.