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How to shop online and ship to your address?

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How to shop and ship to your address?

Shopping online is fun and easy when you know how to do it. This article will help you understand everything you need to get started.

Some sites have the ability to ship worldwide, while others only ship within the united states. To solve this, we will have to use what is called “freight forwarder” services. Basically, you ship your items from the shopping website to the freight forwarder, and then the freight forwarder would ship the items to you.

Below are some recommended freight forwarders:

  • – World Ship 1 (Recommended, mostly when you plan to ship multiple items. As WS1 has the consolidation feature).
  • SnS Shop&Ship from Aramex (Good when you want to ship a single item, as the shipping fee is a bit less).

To start with, you will need a credit card. Once you have that, create a mail box with one of the known freight forwarders. Once done, they will give you a mailbox address, this address is your address in the USA. Write that down, as you will be using that when you start the fun part, online shopping.

Next, start shopping, there are many great websites online, with great contents and many items to choose from, you can literally shop the world by being an online shopper. is a website which lists the best car accessories for ladies, brought to you from

So, you browse our site for items you liked, if you like something, add it to the “cart”, which is basically your shopping basket. Once you are finished shopping, you press checkout. On checkout, we will redirect you to where you should agree to adding those items from the cart of

Amazon PrimeIf you do not have an account with, now would be a good time to create one. You will follow a couple of easy steps and you are done. offers a service called Amazon Prime, we highly recommend testing this services for the great value it gives you, such as free quick 2-day shipping, special discounts and other media services like movies and music, try Amazon Prime for 30-Day as a Free Trial.

Once you are on, you might as well continue checking other items, and add them to your cart. Once you are ready, you would check out in, fill in the shipping address with the address of your freight forwarder, and that’s it. Sit back and wait for your items to get shipped to your freight forwarder.

A couple of days later, you would receive an email from your freight forwarder informing you that your shipment has arrived. If you chose‘s basic account or higher, you will be able to use a service called “consolidation”. Basically this service allows you to shop multiple shops online and ask those sites to shop to, items will keep piling up until you are ready to ship them all together to your address. Once you are ready, you place an order with to put all of your shopping items in one box and send it as one shipment. This would save you great amounts of money as shipping items individually would cost you more. on the other hand, if you chose to use SnS Shop&Ship from Aramex, then once the item arrives, just sit back and wait until Aramex contacts you for delivery, you do not need to place any order as they automatically ship that single order which is found in your inbox.

Enjoy online shopping, for any questions, feel free to contact us on our social media channel.