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9 Strong Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Dashcam

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We will be listing you our 9 strong reasons why you should consider buying a dashcam:

1. You Have First-Hand Evidence Of A Car Accident.

If you ever get caught in a car accident, you have evidence of who’s fault it actually was. Many crooks make up accidents or throw themselves into moving cars to get compensation from you directly, or from your insurance. You can easily fight this by having your own recorded proof with you.

2. A Dash Cam Is The Perfect Solution For Undisciplined Drivers.

If you are giving your car to a driver, family member or friend, by having a dash cam installed, it is guaranteed that they will take extra steps to drive properly and obey all driving rules, because they know that everything is recorded.

3. The Dash Cam Is Perfect For Driving Instructors And Worried Parents.

Similar to the point 2, if you are a parent or driving instructor, you can help your student by reviewing their driving patterns and correct them before they become driving habits.

4. You Can Prevent Fraud.

There has been growing numbers of fraud cases coming to police stations and even courts, where crooks make up accidents to take your money, with a dash cam recording everything as it happened, you have a weapon to prove your innocence.

5. You Can Record Your Entire Road Trip.

When going for a road trip, which you would like to document for memory, a dash cam will prove to be very handy, as it will automatically record your whole trip (having the correct setting and sufficient memory), adding extra fun to your library of good memories.

6. Dash Cams Have A Plethora Of Useful Features And Functions.

Many recent dash cams are equipped with great features such as over speeding warnings, warnings for known speed radars and cameras. Some even have features like collision detection, lane departure warnings and even front car moving warnings (useful at traffic lights to let you know that it is time to move, if your eyes were not on the road).

7. You Can Efficiently Prevent Parking Accidents.

When drivers who cause parking accents realize that you and other dashcam owners have caught them in the act, and ask them to repair the damages done, with time, there will be less and less drivers causing parking accidents.

8. You Might Be Amazed Of What A Dash Cam Can Capture!

Since dash cams record everything, they capture a lot of fun and sometimes even sad events, like falling meteorites, or flying wheels which caused an accident, or even random accidents on the road. You even capture road rage in action, and best part, you can even catch and report traffic violations to police, and your footage will be used as evidence to convict the violators.

9. In some countries, it provides you with a discount on your car insurance.

In some countries, if you provide proof to your insurance company that you have installed a dash cam, you will get a discount on your insurance fees, as this allows them to get back to the recorded footage in case of an accident, to confirm who’s fault it really was and whether the accident was made up or genuine.

What are you waiting for? Order yours now by checking our dashcam section, you will thank yourself later for getting it.